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This is the January 17, 2023 edition of the Opportunity Miami newsletter written by Matt Haggman, which we send every Tuesday. Click here to subscribe to get our weekly updates in your inbox.

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Class of 2040: Barry University President Mike Allen Guest Essay
Read how Barry is addressing workforce shortfalls through ‘learning by doing’ education here

Barry University x Opportunity Miami Q&A
What does a true inclusive tech scene look like? Read how GET Cities Miami is taking the lead in providing a more inclusive tech scene for all here

Opportunity Miami is a platform focused on Miami’s economic future — namely, imagining and helping build the Miami of 2040 when the child today will be entering the workforce. Our thesis is that three areas are key: continuing to drive innovation and entrepreneurship, being a leader in addressing climate change and the transition to a net zero economy, and driving talent and inclusion across the community.

It’s the third point that we focus on in this week’s newsletter.

The opportunity for the Miami metropolitan area is nothing less than building the most uniquely diverse, skilled workforce in North America. It’s possible.

But how to get there?

Barry University President Mike Allen talks about how South Florida’s largest private Catholic institution of higher learning is confronting the gap between what CEOs look for in college graduates and how universities prepare students for the workforce.

As delivery methods in higher education evolve to include more opportunities for virtual learning and shorter-term credentialing, President Allen writes that Barry’s commitment aligns with the needs of employers with an educational approach of “learning by doing.”

“The question becomes, how do you prepare students to successfully learn the essentials while also embracing the flexibility of preparing for accelerated industry evolution?” President Allen writes, noting that Barry’s focus areas include nursing, teaching, technology, entrepreneurship, and podiatry.

“Learning by doing, experiencing the thrill of real-world decision-making, and managing existing financial accounts, are all part of how we ask our students to “do” business, not just learn it,” he continued.

You can read his essay here:

This is the fourth installment in our ongoing series with Opportunity Miami’s Academic Leaders Council called “The Class of 2040: Essays on the next-generation workforce.”

The ALC includes the presidents of the University of Miami, Miami Dade College, Florida International University, Florida Memorial University, St. Thomas University, and Barry University, along with the Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Together, they are responsible for educating more than half a million students in the Miami area each year.

To catch up on previous essays, you can read:

Meanwhile, we’re announcing our first Opportunity Miami x Barry University student collaboration this week. Last semester our Editorial Director, Suzette Laboy, taught a class in Media Journalism at Barry. As part of the class, students met with community leaders to discuss how to shape Miami’s future.

The first interview in this ongoing series features GET Cities Miami Director Toia Santamarina and their work on building an inclusive tech ecosystem on the ground. You can read that here. And stay tuned tomorrow — Jan. 18 — for an announcement of their next initiative with Radical Partners.

As always, we would love to hear from you. You can share ideas about people and ideas shaping our future in Miami — and building the Miami of 2040 we want — or anything on your mind by emailing us at next@opportunity.miami. If you were forwarded this newsletter, you could sign up, and it will hit your inbox each Tuesday. We invite you to subscribe to our podcast and follow us on social media channels.




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