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Miami’s economic future depends on doing these three things well

Let’s shape our economic future, together.

  • Continue driving entrepreneurship and innovation in order to create well-paying jobs and further diversifying the economy;
  • Dramatically increase economic inclusion and spur social mobility through talent development;
  • Turn the challenge of climate change into a generational business opportunity by being a leader in the global transition to a carbon-neutral economy.
Despite record growth in deal flow, Miami still attracts only a small slice of venture capital investments nationwide. Driving innovation and entrepreneurship is a focus of Opportunity Miami.
  • As technology allows for capital and talent to become more distributed, new centers of innovation and job creation are becoming established. Miami — already ascendent — has the opportunity to cement its role as a leader among these new emergent, entrepreneurial cities.
  • As a historic demographic shift plays out over the next 25 years in the US, Miami can be a global example of what a uniquely diverse and skilled workforce looks like by increasing economic inclusion and driving social mobility through talent development.
  • As the world transitions to a carbon-neutral economy by 2050 — resulting in countless new industries, companies and jobs — Miami can be a leader in turning the challenge of climate change into an historic business opportunity that creates jobs and drives our economy for more than a generation.
A look at recent graduates shows the tech workforce is growing more diverse, but women, especially, remain underrepresented. Increasing economic inclusion through talent development is a focus of Opportunity Miami.
The race to lower carbon emissions will create new industries, businesses, and well-paid green jobs. Miami could be a place where the businesses of the future are built, and it’s one of three focus areas for Opportunity Miami.



Opportunity Miami is helping build an innovative, inclusive and resilient economic future for Greater Miami.

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Matt Haggman

EVP, Opportunity Miami, The Beacon Council. Previously: Miami Program Director at Knight Foundation and award-winning journalist at The Miami Herald.