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On Site: Profiles in solving for the future

This is the November 22, 2022 edition of the Opportunity Miami newsletter written by Matt Haggman, which we send every Tuesday. Click here to subscribe to get our weekly updates in your inbox.

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On Site: Video series spotlights entrepreneurs impacting our economic future
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Invite: Opportunity Miami x Miami Dade County Climate Tech Meetup
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For this abbreviated Thanksgiving week, we’re doing something a little different with our weekly newsletter. We’re sharing each of the On Site video programs we’ve done since launching Opportunity Miami a little more than a year ago.

On Site is a series of short-form videos where we meet entrepreneurs solving problems critical to our economic future. It sits alongside our other content, including weekly newsletter, bi-monthly podcasts, Q&As, essays, meetups, and live events. One note: when we started the series, we featured the interview in two parts. Now we’re producing one longer piece for each program.

So take a look at this series of On Site programs illuminating efforts to build our future in Miami. It ranges from developing a diverse, inclusive next generation of scientists and engineers; solar powering our offices and warehouses; installing robust electric car charging networks; growing lettuce and greens in urban vertical farms; erecting the largest indoor aquaculture facility in the world; and activating a ten-mile linear part with free, continuous public wifi.

Watch: On Site video series on Miami’s entrepreneurs solving issues critical to the future ▶

A few final notes.

Next Tuesday, November 29, is our third Opportunity Miami x Miami-Dade County Climate Tech Meetup. We’ll be discussing the National Science Foundation Regional Innovation Program grant opportunity as the deadline for submission approaches. If you haven’t already, you can sign up here.

As always, we would love to hear from you. Share your ideas, observations, critiques, or anything at all at next@opportunity.miami or engage with us on social media. You can also invite friends to subscribe to the newsletter here.

Lastly, we wish you and yours a fun, restful, and very Happy Thanksgiving!




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