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This is the August 16, 2022 edition of the Opportunity Miami newsletter written by Matt Haggman, which we send every Tuesday. Click here to subscribe to get our weekly updates in your inbox.

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The Class of 2040: Essays on the Next-Generation Workforce
Meta Innovation: Reimagining the Student Experience for Miami’s Future Workforce with University of Miami President Julio Frenk

What’s required to build the workforce we need for the future — and what should we be doing to create it?

It’s one of the critical questions that will define Miami’s economic future and, for that matter, the future of cities around the world.

To delve into this question, we’re launching an essay series by Opportunity Miami’s Academic Leaders Council. The ALC is composed of the leaders who, more than anyone else, are shaping the educational and talent trajectory of people — of all ages — in every neighborhood across Greater Miami.

The ALC includes the presidents of the University of Miami, Miami Dade College, Florida International University, Florida Memorial University, St. Thomas University, and Barry University, along with the Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

We’re calling the series “The Class of 2040: Essays on the Next-Generation Workforce.” Each month we’ll have a piece by the leader of each educational organization, along with an essay by Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava.

Each essay will focus on the future, highlighting each institution’s priorities, specific assets, and focus areas in the broader mission of developing the talent and building the workforce of 2040. We’ve targeted 2040 because, generally speaking, that’s when the young child today will be readying to enter the workforce.

This week we start with University of Miami President Julio Frenk, chair of the Academic Leaders Council, with his essay, “Meta Innovation: Reimagining the Student Experience for Miami’s Future Workforce.”

UM is South Florida’s leading private research university with the region’s only academic health system. The road ahead, President Frenk writes, requires nothing less than “reimagining higher education.”

In his essay, President Frenk discusses how UM recently created the position of vice provost for education innovation and started the New Century Educational Incubator to test ideas that improve the undergraduate experience. It’s also developing new interdisciplinary degree programs focused on building ideas, such as one it’s launching that combines entrepreneurship, innovation, and design thinking. Lastly, it’s doubling down on lifelong learning through efforts like its Massive Open Online Courses.

“There is no doubt the technological revolution is affecting higher education,” President Frenk writes. “Most perceive higher education institutions as too slow to change and unresponsive to the rapid pace of innovation. We, in academia, are often criticized by society for preaching change to others but being very slow to change ourselves. We must prove them wrong.”

He continued: “We have already taken critical first steps and will continue to innovate, iterate, and reimagine the student experience for an ever-changing world.”

You can read the essay here:

Each month going forward, you can expect an essay from another member of the Academic Leaders Council.

As always, we want to hear from you and would love to hear your ideas on people, organizations, and trends we should be highlighting that are pivotal to Miami’s economic future. Opportunity Miami is now eight months old, and we are sharing original content each week in various ways: a weekly newsletter, Q&A interviews, podcasts, short-form videos that we call On Site, essays, featured series, and, soon, live events. Your thoughts and ideas are critical in building this community platform focused on our future.

You can email us at next@opportunity.miami or engage with us on social media. Please invite friends to subscribe to the newsletter here.

Hope to hear from you, and see you.

Matt Haggman
Opportunity Miami



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