Hacktoberfest, website refresh, core connectors and more in v0.13

We’ve had a busy Hacktoberfest again this year with lots of new contributors committing to the project, so thank you to everyone for your Pull Requests! Don’t forget that we send stickers to all our contributors to say thank you!

Website refresh

Thanks to a huge amount of effort from Fabio we have a lovely new website which is a fantastic iteration on the previous one. It looks lovely on desktop and mobile and will hopefully help attract more people to use opsdroid.

Startup and discovery refactor

My big contribution this hacktoberfest was to rewrite the way opsdroid starts and discover skills, connectors and database modules. This has resulted in faster startup times, more reliable discovery and numerous bug fixes. The main benefit of this change is to empower future changes such as context and constraints.

More plugin migrations to core

We are continuing to pull modules into the core to simplify maintenance and add tests to them. We now have the Facebook Messenger and Telegram connectors in core and also a brand new Rocket.Chat connector. Also the MongoDB and SQLite database connectors and now in the core too.

Other notable changes

There are many other changes in this version including Python 3.7 support, Python 3.6 in the official Docker image, more translations and better documented code.

Full Release Notes


Update docker image to use Python 3.6 (#635)
Add tests for Python 3.7 (#615)
Add versioneer for better version detection (#646)
Add translation brazilian portuguese pt_BR (#680)
Add russian translation (#690)
Move MongoDB database module into core #669 (#689)
Move Facebook Messenger connector into core (#684)
Move Telegram connector into core (#691)
Move the sqlite database module into core #671 (#679)
Add Rocket.Chat Connector (#685)
Refactor startup and skill discovery (#711)

Bug fixes

Slack fixes (#716)

Breaking changes

Pass config to skills setup (updated) (#700)
Add parameter to configure priority in every regex skill (proposal) (#692)

Documentation updates

Remove Dependency CI badge (#702)
Added Google-style docstrings to message.py (#653)
Add google-style docstrings (issue #532). (#693)