opsdroid v0.9.0 release notes

This release mostly contains documentation changes to make the project easier to use and get started with.

There are some updates to the config parser which now allows the use of environment variables in your config and will also expand the ~ character in paths.

The regex matcher has been updated to allow you to specify whether you want it to be case sensitive or not.

Here are other notable changes:


  • Add restart and stop methods to opsdroid. (#179)
  • Expand module path. (#180)
  • Allow ssl on web server (#182)
  • Parse environment variables in config (#225)
  • Add case_sensitive kwarg to regex matcher (#210)

Bug Fixes

  • Catch network errors (#184)
  • Fix path to config in container (#218)
  • Change SSL2/3 to TLS (#209)

Breaking changes

  • Change default log location (#183)

Documentation updates

  • Add ubuntu 16.04 instructions to README (#173)
  • Removed index and getting started in favour of the main README (#175)
  • Add gitter badge (#221)
  • Updated example_configuration.yaml (#213)
  • Add link to sticker incentive (#212)
  • Add a link to the youtube getting started series (#192)
  • Create CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md (#188)
  • Add default web config (#190)