Less stuff, more life

Society today tries to teach us we can buy our way to happiness. And it’s funny, but I have found the opposite. The less I have, the more free I feel — and connected to what truly makes me happy.

When I was 19 years old I spent 50 days traveling around California in a bus. It was that experience that really helped shaped who I am as a photographer.

See, I used to think that creating a life based around the outdoors was some unapproachable dream — something that took crazy amounts of money or some amazing stroke of luck.

But the reality was it didn’t take either of those things, it actually required me to live with less…. money, food, clothes and camera gear to name a few things. By going with less I feel like it made me experience more.

I try to live my life with quality as opposed to quantity, and that goal has driven my passion to experience nature and share those experiences with others. With you and, most importantly, my family.

It’s incredibly important to me that I teach my kids how to find their passion and interest in experiences instead of things.

So, if you are feeling the call to #OptOutside remember it doesn’t have to start with an expensive plan or an exotic location. It can be as simple as exploring your own backyard. — @ChrisBurkard

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