The Neverending Battle

You and us have most likely never been to war, but we’ve got great news for you today: you are a warrior. Correct, a fighter, gladiator, call it whatever you want. See ever since you were born, you have been fighting the never ending battle. It is an interesting battle where some become crazy and throw away everything, some give up and give in. Few are able to keep fighting. Those who fight until the end, usually end up winning. Funny enough, those who gave up are still fighting, just in a different field. In which field are you? Wait, we didn’t even tell you what the battle is about, one second.

The neverending battle is the battle between MUST and SHOULD. Since you were little, you have been fighting the battle, trying to figure out what you must do vs what you should do. Let’s be honest here, it’s not an easy battle. There are things in life that we should do, they are usually external things that help us survive in life. Things like getting a job to participate in the economy is something you should do. You will make an income that will pay the bills and help you do more things. For a lucky few, what they should do is in sync with what they must do, they live “The Life”.

For the vast majority of us, what we must do is usually in conflict with what we should do. The reason is simple, things we should do are usually external,meaning they are things we do to function in society. External does not mean bad, it means external. For example, covering your body with clothes so you don’t traumatize people in the street is something you should do. Generating income to help afford to pay rent is also something you should do. Those things should not be neglected, as they help us function in society.

Things we must do are different beasts, they are personal, sometimes hard to explain to others. Things we must do are usually scary things, like quitting a job to start a new business or move to a different city. Those things shake us from within, but they are usually what we truly desire in life. Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents say: if only I…maybe I would have been…? That is called regret, the worst thing that can ever happen to you.

Now here’s where it gets conflicting.Every time we choose SHOULD, we increase our chance of survival in society. Everytime we choose MUST, we expose ourselves to more threat while at the same time going for what our heart truly desires. Think about it for a second, it’s not always easy. There are way too many situations where going for SHOULD is not only safer but makes more rational sense. In fact, life seems to be designed for us to always choose SHOULD.

As you can expect, we want to urge you to choose MUST, no matter how scary it is. We all deserve a break after this sentence.

Easier said than done, trust us, we know. But we have been aware of this battle and fighting for the last 6 years and one thing we can tell you is that every time we chose SHOULD over MUST, we had regrets. Correct, just like that sad senior saying I only…Maybe I would have been…we can attes, it is the worst feeling in the world. We’ve chosen MUST many times too, things did not always work out, but we have never regretted it, never. Most importantly, we grew. It is those moments when we choose MUST that true personal growth happens.This is exactly what we want from you, we want to see you grow. We believe so much in human potential that we want to see you reach yours. Listen to your gut, it already knows what you truly want to do and go for it. Oh, go for it NOW because that’s the only way to live a life in sync with your heart. End the battle now, vote for MUST.

Every week, we will pump you up to keep going with articles and tips, we only ask you to do one thing: choose MUST. You have everything within you to achieve whatever you want to achieve (yes, including becoming the next US president). If you need help, reach out to us on twitter @namobrain, we are also choosing our MUST by launching this company. We’re in this together and it’s time to end the battle: Let MUST win.

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