The Peace Corps Tanzania Doctor House

“It’s totally normal for this guy in my village to wear a pumpkin suit.”

On the season 1 finale of The Optimist Podcast I talked with Frederick Livingston — a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania–about spotting elephants, giraffes and zebras regularly, the frequency of buses breaking down, the laid back Tanzanian culture, building a doctor’s house for his village, and drunk bush babies falling out of trees every night.

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Frederick leading a village youth health seminar
Construction of the doctor’s house getting started
Frederick’s counterpart, Edgar, painting the interior of the doctor’s house
Maua Mazuri art class and carrot cake with the local “Mama’s Group”
The community garden getting some TLC
A mushroom so big that you could eat it and it would double your original size #mario, and the most annoyed lizard I’ve ever seen.