Push yourself, challenge your friends

Introducing the new Challenges feature — from Optimize Fitness

Every athlete knows it’s easier to achieve your peak physical condition when you have specific goals to work towards. The boost of competition, even with yourself, should never be undervalued. Often times, this is what truly pushes us. Shave more time off your mile. Add more weight to your bench max. Hold your plank for a little longer. These individual goals create an instant drive to push ourselves harder.

With this in mind, Optimize Fitness has just released the new Challenges feature. This allows you to pick a specific goal to push towards and track your progress over time. To add an additional competitive bonus, you can view the leaderboards to see how you stack up across the board. See how you compare to others in your specific demographic, or view your ranking overall.

See how you stack up against the following challenges:

  • Max Back Squat
  • Max Deadlift
  • Fastest Run 10k
  • Longest Plank Hold
  • Max Bench Press
  • Max Burpees
  • Max Plyo Box Jumps
  • Max Dead Hang Pull-ups
  • Fastest Run 1600m
  • Max Overhead Press
  • Fastest Row 2000m

Download the newest version of Optimize Fitness to start your challenges: