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OPT/NET Team x INTERGEO 2019 in Stuttgart

The OPT/NET team will be attending the 2019 INTERGEO event (17–19 September) in Stuttgart!

The expo attracts more than 19,000 professionals from 114 countries, and is the world’s largest convention and leading trade fair in the field of geodesy, geo-information and land management.

This year’s INTERGEO focuses on issues which will decide our futures, issues which are the subject of debate by politicians, society and businesses alike. From global warming, to disaster management, rural planning & smart cities etc…we believe geo-spatial data will be essential in providing answers to these critical topics.

Interested in attending? Contact — seva (at) opt-net (dot) eu — for guest tickets!



We believe in making humans superhuman, not replacing them. The OPT/NET AI Engine provides domain experts in both structured and unstructured data environments the ability to rapidly develop advanced real-time AI solutions that help them do their jobs more effectively.

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