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Contact: Mohan Rao, Marketing Director OptOSS AI


Team OPTOSS AI to be among 30 diverse teams advancing to the third round of the prestigious IBM Watson AI XPRIZE competition. As the only Dutch team in this phase of the competition, Team OPTOSS AI is proud to be counted among some of the best globally recognised AI startups.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands — December 17, 2018 — Team OPTOSS AI announced today that it has advanced to the next stage of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, a competition challenging teams to develop powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) based applications and demonstrate how humans can collaborate with AI to tackle the world’s grand challenges. Team OPTOSS AI, headquartered in the Netherlands, is now among just 30 teams from 8 countries that are competing for the $5M prize purse. Bolstered by its sponsor Airbus Defence and Space, Team OPTOSS AI leverages advanced AI technology to process state-of-the-art space imagery to strengthen disaster relief efforts.

Project Information

Team OPTOSS AI builds a solution that strives to massively improve and empower existing disaster management efforts. The majority of critical information relevant to large scale disasters arrives too late or goes unnoticed by authorities in charge of dealing with relief and rescue efforts. Small-scale manmade and natural disasters in remote areas are often missed by analysts, because currently less than 5% of collected satellite Earth Observation Data (EOD) is analyzed by human analysts. This is primarily due to a lack of trained experts which inhibits the effective use of collected EOD. The proposed solution is capable of addressing this challenge through the use of AI, which learns from past forecasting successes and failures to improve its performance and accuracy for detection and prediction of localised natural or man- made disaster induced emergencies. The joint team submission augments OptOSS AI with human generated knowledge extracted from our partner BlackShore’s crowdsourcing platform — Cerberus. Our goal is to provide automatic recognition of known patterns in EOD and increase the percentage of analyzed data by one order of magnitude.

With increasingly extreme climate conditions, there is a direct need for more advanced tools and systems to allow humanity to effectively cope with this reality.

Through effective detection of emergency situations on a global scale Team OPTOSS AI hopes to improve the lives of more than 1 billion people over the next 5 years.

“With climate change on the rise, it becomes imperative that humankind keeps a close watch on the planet’s health. We are very proud to progress to the 3rd round of the competition. Despite a late start as a wildcard team in Round 2, the OPTOSS AI team is making rapid progress in pursuit of our goal of improving the lives of millions of people on Earth through the application of AI for Good.”

- Taras Matselyukh, CEO OPT/NET BV

“This competition has made it evident that the teams’ efforts to apply AI for Good not only started the trend, but created a global movement,” said Amir Banifatemi, General Manager for Innovation and Growth at XPRIZE. “We’re proud to see humans rallying together to build responsible and useful AI that will solve some of the grandest challenges of our time.”

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