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OptyFi Integrates Beefy and Sushi

More DeFi Adapters added to the Polygon Vault!

We are excited to announce that Beefy Finance and SushiSwap are now integrated into OptyFi!

Last week, we accomplished a significant milestone by deploying an USDC Vault on Polygon. This means cheaper gas fees and opportunities in a new ecosystem, with more liquidity pools and different yield strategies.

Our vaults on Polygon are now integrated into AAVE, Curve, Beefy, and Sushiswap. More Polygon adapters are coming in the following weeks. Let’s dive in!

What are DeFi Adapters?

Deploying our vaults on Polygon alone wouldn’t be enough to ensure optimal yield. OptyFi needs to build integrations to other DeFi protocols to access liquidity pools. We call those integrations DeFi Adapters.

The DeFi Adapters contain code to interact with liquidity pools, helping our Execution Engine perform multiple transactions (like deposit, withdraw, staking, etc.). The image below illustrates it well:

The cool thing about DeFi Adapters is that they’re relatively simple to code, allowing us to integrate DeFi projects quickly.

You can find the GitHub for our DeFi Adapters here.

The Sushi and Beefy Adapters

Sushi is one of DeFi’s pioneers. From its early days as a competitor to Uniswap, Sushi has grown, developed dozens of products, and launched on several chains.

Besides the original AMM, Sushi today has a Launchpad (MISO), an NFT MarketPlace (Shoyu), a lending market (Kashi), and a yield aggregator (Onsen) among other DeFi products.

Beefy is one of the most well-known multi-chain yield aggregators. Besides Polygon, Beefy has liquidity pools in more than 14 chains, including Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and Fantom.

Both Sushi and Beefy play significant roles in the Polygon ecosystem. According to DeFiLlama, Sushi is ranked 5th in TVL on Polygon (~$235m) while Beefy holds 9th place (~$120m).

In addition to that, our data team has found that some of the best strategies for core assets (USDC, WMATIC, ETH, etc.) in Polygon can be found in these protocols.

Sushi and Beefy are running on several EVM-compatible chains. Building these adapters for future chains will be faster now that we have implemented them once before on Polygon. Hooray!

Coming Next on Polygon: More Adapters, More Vaults

Each new adapter brings new liquidity pools and strategies, making our optimization technology stronger. Our team is almost finished building the adapters to QuickSwap and MaiFinance, also essential parts of Polygon’s ecosystem.

Finally, we intend to add another vault to Polygon in the following weeks. What asset would you like to see on the Polygon vault? Join our community and share your opinion with us.

Keep YIEDLing with OptyFi. You can check our app here.



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