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OptyFi News — April 2022

­­gm, YIEDLer!

We are back with a brand-new edition of the OPTYnewsletter.

March was a month full of updates for the OptyFi community. We officially announced a new product, the NFT Vaults, going live in the coming weeks. Besides that, we had a major update on the yield vaults and deployed the integration to Lido.

Let’s recap!­­

The NFT Vaults Are Coming

OptyFi’s mission is to democratize crypto wealth-building opportunities for everybody. Towards this objective, our second product will allow our YIEDLers to get passive exposure to the hottest trend in crypto: NFTs.

The process will be straightforward. The user will only have to make the deposit. An NFT strategist, equipped with robust data analysis, will be responsible for buying and selling those assets.


The long-term goal is to let our users have exposure to new trends in the NFT landscape without going deep down these topics by themselves.

We will begin with a CryptoPunk vault. After it, we will have BAYC and “thematic vaults”, such as Gaming, Metaverse Land, Music NFTs, among others.

For the PUNK vault, we’re offering generous OPTY bonuses for depositors.

You can read the full announcement here.­­

Yield Vaults Refactored + Lido Adapter

The yield vaults have gone through a major update in March: the vaults refactoring. That change in our vaults’ architecture has led to cheaper withdrawal fees, less slippage, and better strategies.

The refactoring has increased the APY of our Ethereum Vaults. Currently, the base APY on the USDC vault is around 13.55%, while the WETH vault is offering 5.83%. Considering OPTY rewards, these numbers are even better.­


Last but not least: we deployed the Lido Adapter on Ethereum. YIEDLers now can get exposure to the best yield on Lido liquidity pools. Click here to read the full announcement.­­

What to Expect in April

We are cooking up something really good for April.

With the refactored yield vaults, we can finally move on with the long-awaited deployment on Polygon. We’re almost there!

We are now running the final internal tests on CryptoPunk Vault, and the public version should go live this month.

The OptyFi team keeps building nonstop before the launch of OPTY, our governance token.

Let’s keep the conversation going!

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