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OptyFi News — May 2022

The PUNK Vault, Polygon Deployment, Stronger Optimization Engine, and more!

gm, YIEDLer!

Bull, Crab, or Bear Market? OptyFi will continue building through anything. We’re here to play the long game, and this is only the beginning of our journey.

April was an exceptional month with the deployment on Polygon and several new DeFi Adapters going live.

May is for NFTs. Our Crypto Punk Vault is in the final stages of testing and will be open for deposits next week.

Ready to Ape in?!

Yield Vaults: Polygon Deployment, More Adapters, Stronger Optimization Engine

We launched our first vault on the Polygon Mainnet, allowing users to YIEDL with USDC in a new DeFi ecosystem without paying excessive gas fees.

The Polygon launch also came with multiple protocol integrations. In addition to Aave and Curve (which we already had on Ethereum as well), we deployed adapters for Beefy Finance and SushiSwap as well as QuickSwap and ApeSwap.

USDC Vault on Polygon

Some stats for the Polygon USDC vault:

  • We crossed $350k in TVL;
  • 117 users have deposited into the vault;
  • Base APY is currently around 5.80%;
  • Depositors are also sharing a pool of 300 $OPTY/day on the vault, resulting in boosted APY.

We are currently focused on streamlining the operations of our current vaults and improving our yield strategies before adding more assets and expanding into more networks like Avalanche, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

In summary, we are doubling down on making the Optimization Engine more powerful.

These upgrades should help to increase the profitability of our vaults and subsequently, the ROI of our depositors.

NFT Vaults: JPEGs are coming to OptyFi. Get your ETH ready!

NFT Vaults Landing Page
NFT Vaults landing page

The Crypto Punk vault is almost here. You should be able to Ape in sometime next week!

We have designed a decentralized and community-driven protocol with the mission to make NFT investing accessible to everyone regardless of their trading experience and purchasing power.

You will be able to get passive exposure to the most undervalued Punks in the market which our Strategists will identify using data-driven insights.

We have a set minimum of 75 ETH for the vault to raise during its funding stage before proceeding to the investing stage. This should give us enough capital to purchase a very good Punk.

To reward our early adopters and kick off the NFT Vaults product line, we will be distributing $OPTY tokens to users of the PUNK Vault. Through our referral program, you can boost your $OPTY rewards by up to 50%.

You can read more about the referral program here.

Note: We may or may not have extra rewards for the earliest depositors.

Keep an eye on our social media channels, anon. 👀

What to Expect in May

Many cool things await the YIEDL community in the coming weeks.

We are excited to show the world what our first NFT vault is capable of. As we receive feedback from our community, we will start expanding into thematic vaults such as Gaming, Metaverse Land, Photography, and Music. Let us know your most preferred vault here.

On the Yield Vaults side, we will keep improving our optimization engine to make our strategies and returns better. In addition, we expect to complete more protocol integrations.

Finally, a word about the $OPTY token launch. We have decided to play the long game: deliver a more solid product, revamp our tokenomics and build a powerful time-locked staking system before the token generation event.

In the long term, we are confident that this decision will benefit our products, and most importantly, our community.

Stay YIEDLing! Join the Community



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