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The CryptoPunk Vault is live!


We are thrilled to announce that the CryptoPunk Vault is now open for deposits on the Ethereum mainnet.

This is your chance to get passive exposure to CryptoPunks, regardless of your budget size or investing experience.

As a user, all you have to do is to deposit and relax. Our army of big-brained data scientists will do the hard work of buying the most undervalued CryptoPunks and selling them for profit.

After the 6-month investing period, you’ll be able to redeem your money plus the juicy $OPTY bonuses we distribute to depositors.

We just published a CryptoPunk Vault User Guide. You can better understand rewards distribution in this article.

But that’s not all! We have prepared a little surprise for our YIEDLers: early birds.

Are you ready to ape-in, anon? 👀

Early Birds

Our team has set a minimum raise of 80 ETH to move forward to the investment phase.

That amount is the minimum to give our vault enough PUNK options. PUNK floor is around 54 ETH while this text is written.

To ensure we fill the minimum contribution amount quickly we’re creating an additional pool of 25,000 OPTY for early birds.

To be eligible for the early bird OPTY reward, you have to deposit before we reach our minimum threshold of 80 ETH.

The OPTY rewards will be locked during the 6-month investing period and will be claimable during the profits sharing phase, together with vaults profits, OPTY boosts, and referral program rewards.

Vaults are already open! You can deposit by clicking here.

The PUNK Vault is only the beginning

OptyFi’s mission is to make wealth-building opportunities in crypto available to everyday users, not just experts and whales.

With our yield vaults, we are giving our users access to optimal yield in DeFi. With the CryptoPunk Vault, we will make those principles a reality in the NFT Market.

The PUNK Vault will only be the first NFT Vault. The next vault will be the Bored Ape (BAYC) vault.

After getting our depositors’ feedback to improve our technology and UX, we intend to expand into themes such as Digital Real Estate, Gaming, Music NFTs, and Art.

Join us in this incredible journey



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