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The CryptoPunk Vault User Guide

Here’s everything you need to know ape in the PUNK Vault

Today is a great day for the OptyFi community. The CryptoPunk Vault is opening in the next few hours!

This article will guide you through the depositing process and answer some of the most common questions on the PUNK Vault.

What do I need to make a deposit?

The PUNK Vault is designed to offer a simple and intuitive user experience.

Before you make a deposit, please make sure that:

1) You’re whitelisted.

You can check if you’re whitelisted by clicking on the deposit button. If you do not receive the “user is not whitelisted” message, you’re on the whitelist. Simple as that.

If you’re a SuperYIEDLer or PowerYIEDLer, you can use the same yield vault address.

Not on the whitelist? There is still a chance!

The deposit period for whitelisted users will run for five days. If we don’t raise the maximum amount of ETH until then (250 ETH), we will open deposits for everybody.

Keep an eye on our Twitter.

2) You have enough ETH in your wallet

All vault deposits are in ETH, and you will need a MetaMask or a WalletConnect to interact with the vault.

Don’t have ETH? You can buy it on a crypto exchange (such as Binance, Coinbase, etc.) and transfer it to your Wallet.

Don’t forget to save some ETH for the gas fees!

If you got ETH in your Wallet and a spot on the whitelist, you’re now ready to ape in the PUNK Vault!

How to Make a Deposit?

Access our app and select the NFT Vaults tab at the top of the page.

Scroll down and find the “op Crypto Punk Vault.”

As you can see, it’s currently in the Capital Raising stage.

  • Click on “Deposit” and select your preferred wallet.
  • Choose the amount you want to deposit in ETH. You can check the equivalent value in USD on the small box.
  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for the blockchain to complete your deposit.

All right — you’re in!

My deposit is complete. What’s next?

As we explained in more detail in this article, the PUNK Vault has three phases:

  • Capital Raise
  • Investment
  • Profit-Sharing

After the Capital Raise phase, funds will be locked for 6 months during the investing phase.

Our data-driven strategists will find the most undervalued PUNKs and sell them for profit during that period.

After half a year, we enter into the profit-sharing phase. Only then will you be able to redeem your ETH and your OPTY rewards.

So make your deposit and relax. You’re in good hands. 🙌

How do I check the PUNK vault status?

You can see all relevant information by clicking on the PUNK Vault on OptyFi app.

There you will find:

  • Your tokens vault (opPUNK) balance
  • Your OPTY rewards
  • Vault TVL
  • Other cool info/stats;

Finally, you can also see the CryptoPunk bought by the vaults. Beautiful, aren’t they? 🥲

What if I want to withdraw?

As mentioned earlier, the PUNK Vault has an investment period of 6 months.

A snapshot vote which will be taken based on holders of the CryptoPunkVault token will determine whether this period will be shortened! The power is in the hands of the community

You’re able to withdraw before the end of the capital raising phase. However, after the beginning of the investing phase, you won’t be able to get your funds until the profit-sharing phase.

The same applies to your OPTY rewards. They only will be claimable during the profit-sharing phase.

What are the OPTY rewards?

OPTY emission will be proportional to the TVL in the vault.

  • If we raise minimum capital (80 ETH), we will distribute 50,000 $OPTY.
  • If we fill the vault (250 ETH), we will distribute 100,000 $OPTY.

Besides that, there were two ways of getting more OPTY bonuses:

  • Through the Referral Program, which is now finished;
  • Through Early Birds Contributions;

Please notice that the current interface is not showing Referral or Early Bird rewards. We will publish it on Discord after the end of the capital-raise phase.

As a depositor, you’ll be able to mint the exclusive YIEDLer NFT, which will give you some cool things in the future, and access to our private channel on Discord.

Happy YIEDLing!

Questions? Shoot them on Twitter and Discord



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