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The PUNK Vault Referral Program

Invite friends to the PUNK Vault and boost your OPTY rewards

Our first NFT Vault — the PUNK Vault — is launching in the coming weeks.

The PUNK Vault will allow passive investors to get exposure to actively managed CryptoPunk(s). Everything you need to know about it is in this article.

We definitely want to fill the PUNK vault and reward our early YIEDLers. For that reason, we are boosting $OPTY rewards for depositors.

OPTY emission will be proportional to the TVL in the vault.

  • If we raise minimum capital (250k), we will distribute 50,000 $OPTY.
  • If we fill the vault (500k), we will distribute 100,000 $OPTY.

Making a deposit is the easiest way to get OPTY rewards. Those tokens will be locked during the 12 months investment phase.

The image below summarizes the information:

The Referral Program

The referral program allows you to boost your OPTY rewards by inviting your friends to make a deposit!

If you make a referral, you can earn up to 50% boost on this reward rate. In order to achieve max boost, the friend you have referred must deposit an equal to or greater amount than you did.

So let’s say you’re earning 1000 $OPTY from your 1 ETH deposit on the PUNK Vault.

If your friends make a deposit equal to or greater than 1 ETH, you will get a 500 $OPTY boost.

Simple as that. 🫂

How to Invite a Friend to the Referral Program?

You and your friend should be on OptyFi’s Discord to invite a friend.

Access the #referral-program channel and share:

1) Your ETH address

2) Discord handle + Ethereum Address from your friend

Now you just have to wait for the answer from one of our server moderators.

You and your friend will be whitelisted to the CryptoPunk vault and will be able to deposit the capital raise phase.

But please notice: you will only get the OPTY rewards if you and your friend make a deposit.

Oh, and one last cool thing! By making a deposit, you’ll also get our exclusive YIEDLers NFT.


Keep YIEDLing with OptyFi.



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