We are the children of the stars, descendants of a moonlit scepter that survived through time, cutting through the thickets of anonymity to forge our legacies. Our throats are impregnated with the reverberation of times best kept secrets, survived by every utterance. We are named after the regal branches of our family trees, the phonics of our most familiar identifiers are the key stones that bridge our legend to your legacy. These strong names have been handed down because they embody the courage, bravery and grace of the souls that are carried in them.

Seeds of majesty sow themselves within us long before we are able to speak. Chance and guidance nurture the fruit of this dormant light. Along the road we collide with forked roads that cascade into the infinite possibilities of our being, these roads are lit up by the words of our mentors and the fires of the hearts that walk with us. Those who walk with alchemists know abundance of ether, the company we keep sheds light on this road to royalty.

Some day will come when the light around us lacks the sympathy for the lost soul who walks alone, these are the moments that require a blossoming of that secret lantern. These days find us often, often they are sent to measure the strength of our budding spirit. Only in the darkness can we become aware of how brightly we can light the road.

Each of us kings, each of us queens, dotted along some spectrum of knowing, working out the faults in our stars. In naming us our presence is made tangible, our journey made true. Its as easy to whisper away the latent loads a crown may carry, for all those who face into the winds there is more treasure than can be sullies by greed.


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