Moving from skillsets to mindsets

Until June 20th this year, the longest video you could post on Instagram was sixty seconds. Prior to this date, brands from ASOS to Airbnb had spent months perfecting the most effective way to tell their stories in bite-sized, vertical chunks. Yet with just a few days warning, on June 20th the sixty second limit was changed to a sixty minute limit, redefining what was possible on the platform. Marketers scrambled to come to terms with what great content looked like in sixty minutes rather than seconds, and the first experiments came out within days.

This example is just one of countless “tweaks” that have been made seemingly overnight by digital platforms over the past few years. Changes like Twitter’s increase in character limit, Facebook’s algorithm change and Snapchat’s disastrous redesign fundamentally altered the way that marketing content is created and activated. Whilst a tactical growth hack for Facebook six months ago might have been the driving force behind your brand, today it might actually be harming it.

The insight here is a profoundly scary one: the skills (and by skills we mean a level of technical proficiency with a particular platform or tool) you learn today can be rendered redundant overnight. This is an intimidating prospect when for the past few decades the skills learnt early in your career could be built on in the years to come.

To add to this, it’s not just in marketing where skillsets can be silently dispatched of overnight. As a leader, for instance, how does the skill of public speaking translate when you’re leading a remote team? What does “management” look like when you don’t understand the analysis your direct reports are conducting?

The importance of mindsets

We believe that it’s no longer enough to think only about skillsets. Though learning skills related to specific tools and platforms are undoubtedly important, the only true way to futureproof yourself and the organisation you work for are to adopt new mindsets and ways of thinking.

As a marketer for instance, we believe that there are four critical mindsets you need to flourish in your role: Experimental, Curious, Collaborative and Strong.

Mindsets and particularly empowering because, just like skills, they can be measured, practiced and developed. Unlike skillsets, though, they can never be rendered redundant overnight. By practicing these new (and sometimes counter intuitive) ways of thinking you can futureproof yourself against the wave of constant change.

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