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Open Source Coherence VisualVM Plugin Released

We are excited to announce that the open source Coherence VisualVM Plugin has been released!

Coherence VisualVM Plugin

The Coherence-VisualVM Plugin provides management and monitoring of a single Coherence cluster using the VisualVM management utility. The Plugin is an ideal tool for monitoring and managing Coherence clusters during the development and testing lifecycle and supports connecting to both Community Edition and Commercial versions of Coherence

This release is significant in that the Plugin is now available to be installed directly from VisualVM in versions 2.0.4 or later. VisualVM can be downloaded from

Installing the Plugin

To install the Plugin carry out the following once you have started VisualVM:

  1. Choose ToolsPlugins from the main menu
  2. The Plugin will be displayed asVisualVM-Coherence.If it is not present in the list then click on Check for Newest button
  3. In the Available Plugins tab, select the Install checkbox for VisualVM-Coherence and click Install
  4. Step through and complete the plugin installer
  5. Once the Plugin is installed, you can double-click on a Coherence process in the left pane, usually, after which a Coherence tab will be displayed.
Installing the Coherence VisualVM Plugin

See the project README for more details on the project.

The Coherence VisualVM project is available at



Oracle Coherence is the industry leading in-memory data grid solution that enables organizations to predictably scale stateful workloads. Often immitated, but never duplicated, it is now available for everyone to use free of charge.

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