Bulk Import/Export of Data from Command Line in Visual Builder Cloud Service

You’ve always been able to manually export and import data from VBCS through the web UI. To import/export for an entire application, go to Business Objects > Data Manager. To import/export for a single object, go to Business Objects > Data Designer and open the Data tab.

With 17.3.5, which was released Sept 1, you can now also do bulk import/export via the command line using our APIs. This is handy if you want to set up a daily cron job that synchronizes the data in your custom business objects with data in another table.

The import/export APIs are now accessible using basic auth by any designer of the app, just like the normal data APIs for querying individual objects and performing single-row operations.

The endpoints are as follows (for accessing the development schema of version 1.0 of application MyApp):

Import for entire data model:
POST https://host:port/design/MyApp/1.0/resources/datamgr/import
Query parameter “filename” : the name of the file being uploaded
Body should be a zip containing csvs, xls and/or xlsx files with filenames (or for Excel sheet names) that match the existing object IDs

Import for specific Business Object:
POST https://host:port/design/MyApp/1.0/resources/datamgr/import/myObject
Query parameter “filename” : the name of the file being uploaded
Query parameter “append” : boolean which if true causes new rows to be appended, if false (the default) all existing data is replaced with the contents of the uploaded file. Body should be a csv, xls or xlsx

Export of entire data model:
GET https://host:port/design/MyApp/1.0/resources/datamgr/export
Streams back a zip containing a csv file for each entity

Export of specific Business Object:
GET https://host:port/design/MyApp/1.0/resources/datamgr/export/myObject
Streams a csv back for Custom Business Object with ID “myObject”

For the stage or live schema, replace /design/ with /deployment/

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