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Implementing Serverless Multi Client Session Synchronization with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

TL;DR — Multi Client Sessions can be facilitated in a fully serverless fashion. Two players playing Tic Tac Toe or Chess, teams collaborating on a document or diagram, an audience witnessing a presenter’s demonstration — these are just examples where multiple distributed application instances should be kept in synch. This can be done with stand-alone application that have no backend. This article demonstrates a simple set up on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure — using a Serverless Function (that is not…




Aggregation of articles from Oracle engineers, Groundbreaker Ambassadors, Oracle ACEs, and Java Champions on all things Oracle technology. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily of Oracle.

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Lucas Jellema

Lucas Jellema

Lucas Jellema is solution architect and CTO at AMIS, The Netherlands. He is Oracle ACE Director, Groundbreaker Ambassador, JavaOne Rockstar and programmer

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