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Node.js node-oracledb 5.4 driver for Oracle Database is available

Release announcement: A new release of node-oracledb, the Node.js and TypeScript module for accessing Oracle Database, is available from npm.

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Top feature: Oracle Identity & Access Management Token Authentication

  • The new support for IAM Token Authentication lets users of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) connect to Oracle Database using authentication tokens instead of requiring a username and password be supplied at connection or pool creation time.
  • A new method connection.isHealthy() was added. It has some similarities to the existing call, but it is synchronous, making it suitable for use in places such as frameworks that are not coded for asynchronous calls. Since it is synchronous, it doesn’t do a full-roundtrip to the database, and it won’t catch some classes of connection failure. However, not doing a round-trip does help application scalability, so each call has its uses. As always, I encourage you to do good error checking after statement execution, because networks may drop out anytime, even after a successful ping or health check.
  • Several handy pull requests, particularly improving the error stack for async/await-style calls came from Sławomir Osoba — many thanks.

See the CHANGELOG for all changes and bug fixes.

Installing or Upgrading node-oracledb

You can install or upgrade node-oracle by updating your package.json requirements:

"dependencies": {
"oracledb": "^5.4"


Finally, contributions to node-oracledb are more than welcome, see CONTRIBUTING.




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