Node-oracledb 6.5 now supports the new Vector search capabilities of Oracle Database 23ai

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Release announcement: A new release of node-oracledb, the Node.js and TypeScript module for accessing Oracle Database, is available from npm.

Close on the heels of the Oracle Database 23ai announcement, node-oracledb 6.5 enables Node.js applications to work seamlessly with the new Vector data types and Implicit Connection Pooling capabilities of Oracle Database 23ai.

Vector support
Support for Oracle Database 23ai’s new first-class VECTOR data type for storing vector embeddings is now available with node-oracledb. This enables Node.js applications to use Oracle’s latest AI Vector Search capability to build intuitive and powerful solutions. The documentation on Oracle’s AI Vector Search is available here.

Implicit Connection Pooling
Implicit Connection Pooling will reduce the burden of connection pool management on the application side.

Support for JavaScript BigInt data type
JavaScript BigInt values can now be passed as binds to the execute() and executeMany() methods of the connection object. This vastly improves the range of number values that a developer can work with and enhances the developer experience.

Other Features and Updates
The newly introduced JsonId class will return the JSON ID (a Oracle Database 23ai feature) values of documents stored in native SODA collections for comprehensive SODA support in the latest Oracle Database release.

In addition, we have added support for the latest enhancements in OSON (Oracle Database’s optimized native binary storage format for JSON) for Oracle Database 23ai. Node-oracledb 6.5 also enables Node.js developers to take advantage of the various connection performance enhancements added in Oracle Database 23ai.

Last, but not by any means least, we have fixed multiple internal and external issues raised by our GitHub users.

See the latest Release Notes for all the changes.

Installing or Upgrading node-oracledb

You can install or upgrade node-oracledb by updating your package.json requirements:

"dependencies": {
"oracledb": "^6.5"


Finally, contributions to node-oracledb are more than welcome, see CONTRIBUTING.



Sharad Chandran
Oracle Developers

Sharad Chandran is a Principal Product Manager at Oracle working on building client-side interfaces & APIs for the Oracle DB in C/C++, Python, Node.js, Go etc.