ODSA for Java Developers (Part 3) — Connecting to Oracle ADB from a Spring Boot 3.0 App with Spring Data JPA on Azure Spring Apps

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7 min readDec 12, 2022

Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure (ODSA)

by Juarez Junior


Part 1 in this series introduced the Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure (ODSA), its benefits concerning a multi-cloud strategy, and an example of accessing it from a Java application with the JDBC API.

Part 2 explored another scenario with ODSA and a Spring Boot 3.0 application with Spring Data JPA on Azure App Service.

This blog post is about deploying the same application to Azure Spring Apps, a fully managed service from Microsoft and VMware.


Azure Spring Apps

Azure Spring Apps is a fully managed service from Microsoft and VMware with opinionated, pre-configured, ready-to-deploy infrastructure services and runtime for Spring-based applications. It offers customers a quick way to lift and shift Spring workloads to Azure. It’s important to mention that Azure Spring Apps is the new name for the Azure Spring Cloud service, so you may see it still being cited in some commands and other related technical resources.

It’s beyond the scope of this tutorial to explore all the details of Azure Spring Apps as our primary focus is to provide a quick guide on how to deploy a Spring Boot 3 application to Azure, and connect it to an Oracle Autonomous Database provisioned with the Oracle Database Service for Azure.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Provision a Service instance of Azure Spring Apps with the Azure CLI

We’ll use the Azure CLI to provision an instance of Azure Spring Apps.

As of the publication of this blog post, the latest version of Azure CLI available is 2.43.0. Please follow these steps to…

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