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Quick Start Compute Instance on OCI (for software development)

I have worked quite a bit in Oracle Cloud, starting back in 2015. I have used many different OCI services — such as Integration, Streaming, Functions, OKE, API Gateway, Object Storage, DBaaS and several more. However, for some reason I have almost complete avoided the almost simplest service of all: Compute. Creating a compute instance, configuring its network options and connecting to it over SSH for some reason seemed daunting and to be avoided if at all possible. At last, this irrational stance on OCI Compute came to an end. Yesterday I needed to…




Aggregation of articles from Oracle engineers, Groundbreaker Ambassadors, Oracle ACEs, and Java Champions on all things Oracle technology. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily of Oracle.

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Lucas Jellema

Lucas Jellema

Lucas Jellema is solution architect and CTO at AMIS, The Netherlands. He is Oracle ACE Director, Groundbreaker Ambassador, JavaOne Rockstar and programmer

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