Quick start: develop & deploy a .NET Core app on Oracle Cloud

The run time juggernaut for Oracle Application Container Cloud continues.. and the latest addition is Microsoft .NET Core ! This makes it the fourth run time which is sourced directly from DockerHub (in addition to Python, Ruby and Go)

Hello .NET Core !
currently supported versions

This blog is a getting started guide to build and deploy a .NET Core app to Oracle Application Container Cloud. This is a simple app which is bootstrapped using an existing .NET Core React template

By the way, we introduced Golang support not too long ago

Let’s get going…

Start by installing the .NET Core SDK

Bootstrap a project — since I am a UI noob, the react template is a god send ! Lets put it to use quickly scaffold a project

dotnet new react -n DotnetCoreOnAppContainerCloud

New ‘dotnet’ project

Move into the newly created app directory — you should see the project contents

cd DotnetCoreOnAppContainerCloud

the stage is set

Edit the Program.cs file to add this on line 23 — .UseUrls(""+ Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("PORT"))

It is to ensure that the HTTP server binds to the $PORT environment variable once its deployed to Oracle Application Container Cloud
tweak the code

To pull respective dependencies, execute the following

  • npm install
  • dotnet restore

And then

  • Build the project — dotnet build
  • followed by creating a binary for the Linux platform dotnet publish -c Release -r linux-x64 — this will create thepublish directory in bin\Release\netcoreapp2.0\linux-x64
‘dotnet build’ process
(some of) the contents of the ‘publish’ directory

Zip the contents of the publish directory e.g. accs-dotnetcore-sample.zip

Create deployment metadata files

These descriptor/metadata files will be referenced during the deployment step (up next)

Start with manifest.json where you specify the version and the application bootstrap/startup command

 "command": "dotnet DotnetCoreOnAppContainerCloud.dll"

and the deployment.json where you specify the topology — in this case its 1 instance with 1 GB memory


Push to cloud

With Oracle Application Container Cloud, you have multiple options in terms of deploying your applications. This blog will leverage PSM CLI which is a powerful command line interface for managing Oracle Cloud services

other deployment options include REST API, Oracle Developer Cloud and of course the console/UI
  • Download and setup PSM CLI on your machine (using psm setup) — details here
  • deploy the application — psm accs push -n DotnetCoreReactApp -r dotnet -e dockerhub -s hourly -m manifest.json -d deployment.json -p bin\Release\netcoreapp2.0\linux-x64\publish\accs-dotnetcore-sample.zip

Note that

  • we reference the zip file (using -p) and the deployment descriptors (-m and -d)
  • include the runtime name (-r dotnet) and the fact that its sourced from Docker Hub (with -e dockerhub)

That’s it — the app creation should get initiated

.NET Core app on Oracle Application Container Cloud

.. and you can see it’s details once the deployment completes

application details

Check out your application

Click on the application URL (highlighted above) and it should lead you to the app home page

Up and running !

That wasn’t too hard ! You now have a .NET Core based application running on Oracle Application Container Cloud

Don’t forget to…

  • check out the tutorials for Oracle Application Container Cloud — there is something for every runtime!
  • other blogs on Application Container Cloud


The views expressed in this post are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.