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The Magic (URL) is Gone!

(And that’s a good thing)

A guest post from my colleague Jacques.

The latest updates of Oracle Analytics for Android, Oracle Analytics for iOS, and Oracle Analytics Day by Day mobile applications (now available on the app stores) no longer require a special configuration step, also known as the Magic URL on your Oracle Analytics Cloud instance.

Starting today, your Oracle Analytics Cloud users can simply type the Oracle Analytics Cloud instance URL or your Vanity URL into the Server name field when they open the mobile application. The application then automatically takes your users through your SSO flow if you have configured it or through the basic authentication flow if that is how you are configured.

This has long been a top feature request from the mobile community, and Oracle is excited to greatly simplify the access to your Oracle Analytics Cloud instances for your mobile users.

For customers who configured a Magic URL and are already in production, no changes are required, and your users can continue as-is. However, moving forward, new users can access the Oracle Analytics Cloud instance without requiring the Magic URL.

For more details on mobile access to Oracle Analytics Cloud, see Using Oracle Analytics Day by Day and Using Oracle Analytics for Android and iOS.

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Mike Durran

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