A Glimpse into the Future of Decentralized Search with Timpi

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4 min readFeb 19, 2024


The moment is here: $NTMPI is set to list on OraiDEX later today. As we make our final preparations for the big moment, let’s delve into what makes Timpi a game-changer. Discover the ethos, technology, and potential that Timpi brings to the decentralized web. And most importantly, let’s get ready to trade!

The markets are roaring and the digital asset landscape buzzes with anticipation of a full blown bull market. Beyond excitement and speculation, founders and developers are working harder than ever to push the envelope, delivering vision for a more equitable future. Timpi is one such project navigating the fusion of technology and finance with its $NTMPI token set to list on OraiDEX.

  • Listing Date: February 20, 2024
  • Listing Time: 07:00 am UTC
  • Trading Pair: NTMPI/USDC
  • Initial Price: $0.04
  • Initial Liquidity: $100K (1.25M NTMPI + 50K USDC)

Make sure to set your alarms and prepare for the listing in advance! For now, let’s take a high-level tour through Timpi’s vision and discover how their unbiased web scale indexer promises to change the internet forever.

The Visionary Ethos of Timpi

At its core, Timpi envisions a world unshackled by the monopolies of the current tech giants. It’s a world where every individual can access unbiased information and reclaim digital sovereignty. Timpi’s decentralized network, underpinned by its unique Timpi Autonomous Protocol (TAP), is designed to address the quintessential challenges of latency, availability, and integrity. TAP’s innovative approach allows for a resilient network with military-grade encryption, ensuring that the ecosystem remains robust and secure​​.

Timpi boasts the first fully independent and decentralized web index, poised to rival the likes of Bing with its extensive and accessible data repository. With the goal of having 2000–2500 contributors, Timpi will offer a more comprehensive index than existing giants. Its search engine, the first product to hit the market, is committed to providing impartial and factually accurate search results, free from any commercial intent, by utilizing evolving AI models and community-driven governance for content rating​​.

Wilson — The AI Revolutionizing Search

Wilson is not just another AI; it’s a beacon of Timpi’s technological vision. Harnessing the power of machine learning, Wilson deciphers patterns in user behavior to tailor search results with unprecedented accuracy. This advanced AI goes beyond mere keyword matching; it engages with the context and substance of queries, distinguishing Timpi in a market saturated with formulaic search algorithms.

As Wilson evolves, it promises to integrate voice recognition technologies, transforming how we interact with our devices — making searches more intuitive and mirroring natural human conversation. This is just the beginning of a transformative search experience, with Timpi at the helm, steering us towards a future where AI and human interaction become seamlessly intertwined.

Ad Credits and $NTMPI Utility

The Timpi token, $NTMPI, is more than just a medium of exchange; it’s the lifeblood of a new advertising ecosystem. Advertisers can convert their tokens into Ad Credits, enabling them to manage their marketing expenditures within the Timpi ecosystem predictably and transparently. This system affords advertisers the flexibility to purchase credits through traditional fiat transactions or leverage their staked tokens to obtain Ad Credits for current or future campaigns, ensuring a smoother transition into blockchain-based advertising for businesses of all levels of blockchain familiarity​​.

By locking in the market value at the time of purchase, Timpi shields advertisers from the volatility often associated with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, for those holding $NTMPI tokens, the system provides an opportunity to capitalize on market fluctuations, allowing for the strategic deployment of Ad Credits. This not only ensures budgetary control and predictive analytics but also fosters an environment where advertisers can maximize the impact and reach of their campaigns without compromising on cost-efficiency. The integration of this system with Timpi’s broader tokenomics framework ensures a truly global reach, providing advertisers unparalleled access to their target audience, all the while enhancing the utility and circulation of the $NTMPI token within the Timpi ecosystem.

Get Ready for the Launch!

As the countdown to the $NTMPI listing on OraiDEX nears its end, we stand at the threshold of a new digital chapter. This is an open invitation to join the revolution — a revolution that promises a search engine experience rooted in integrity, autonomy, and innovation. Prepare for the launch and arm yourself with knowledge by visiting the preparation guide, and let’s step together into a future where the search is not just a function, but a statement of freedom. Join us on OraiDEX tomorrow and be a part of the change you’ve been waiting for.