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🎯 Play infinite DeFi & AI narrative, with long-term vision

ORAIX’s Original Tokenomic & Utilities


  1. Pay fee for meta-staking, pool creation, bridge, airdrop tickets…


  1. Fee structures
  2. Meta-staking policies

ORAIX Tokenomics

  • Total supply: 1000M ORAIX (Now is 750M)
  • Staking rewards: 30% (including fairdrop + initial listing)
  • Liquidity mining incentives: 50%
  • Developer pool: 15%
  • Community pool: 5%

Originally, OraiDEX aim to be basic DEX with simple AMM operations & its tokenomic simply serve for that sole purpose.

Update Tokenomic v2.0 (TBD)

Starting as pioneer of DeFi for Oraichain network with only meta-staking, OraiDEX had grown as Universal DeFi gateway to various different purposes of multiple chains.

In top categories, actually represent for

  • Bridge
  • Dexes
  • Farm
  • Cross-chains
  • Staking pool

Continuously, OraiDEX will function as the AI-powered DEX within the Oraichain network, while also expanding to new networks and introducing new innovations to better support its users.

With ongoing pivots and experiments, ORAIX’s utilities need to grow bigger and better. Consequently, its tokenomics should be adjusted accordingly for new market conditions.

While it’s still to be determined, we’re seeking feedback and contributions from the community.


It’s all about pivoting. Crypto move fast, and so does OraiDEX.

As pioneering DeFi builders for the Oraichain network, we don’t aim to publicly commit to specific timelines. Instead, we prioritize our development objectives to adapt to:

  • Users needs
  • Market changes
  • And available resources.

Upcoming Proposals

Regarding roadmap implementation, these proposals support innovation and drive healthy growth of the protocol:

1. Decrease ORAIX incentives for LPs by 50%.

OraiDEX is approaching six-figure swap fees for 30 days (approximately $101K), which are considered healthy real yields for LPs.

This adjustment will free up more $ORAIX to support new innovations.

2. Implement a +0.1% fee for AMM operations as part of the operational budget.

The operational budget will also be distributed to the community via Staking or Co-harvest.

3. Introduce a fee for instant LP withdrawal.

All withdrawals will have a 7-day unbonding period.

Instant withdrawal will incur a 1% fee based on the LP value.

Collected fees will contribute to the operational budget.

4. Implement a fee for instant unstaking.

All unstaking actions will have a 30-day unbonding period.

Instant unstaking will incur a 5% fee based on the staking value.

Collected fees will be allocated to burn.

5. Introduce ORAIX Staking V2.

ORAIX Staking V2 aims to enhance holder contributions and maintain a balanced ecosystem.

Fair and balanced staking tiers (improve reward formulation based on the amount).

Rewarding long-term stakers (utilize staking duration as a metric for rewards).

Encouraging substantial staking.

6. Adjust rewards between Co-harvest and Staking.

Both programs incentivize substantial $ORAIX tokenomic participation. However, to maximize capital efficiency, the rewards of both programs need to be balanced.

Therefore, the rev-share ratio for Co-harvest and Staking will be adjusted to reflect the effectiveness of each program.

7. Introduce “Trade to Earn” for OraiDEX’s AMM, Spot, and Futures.

Earn ORAIX cashback for all AMM, Spot, and Futures transactions.

Different products will have their own cashback tiers.

8. Referral Program:

Invite Friends, Earn Crypto Together.