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ORAIX Fairdrop Announcement — Distribution Information

ORAIX Fairdrop Program ensures that members of prominent communities in the Cosmos ecosystem & Oraichain ecosystem are given a fair opportunity to receive ORAIX and get involved in our on-chain activities.

ORAIX Fairdrop Program will start after the listing of ORAIX on OraiDEX and within a period of two month. The ORAIX Listing event is set to take place on June 22, 2022 at 14:00 UTC.

In this article, we specify information about format & equations of ORAIX Fairdrop Program.

ORAIX Fairdrop Distribution

The total amount of ORAIX per wallet is divided into two sections:

Section 1: 40% of ORAIX per wallet will be claimable soon after ORAIX gets listed.

Details about how to claim ORAIX from Section 1 will go public after ORAIX Listing event.

Section 2: 60% of ORAIX per wallet will get unlocked & claimable gradually based on tasks on OraiDEX:

  • Making a swap: 20%
  • Add liquidity to a pool (ORAI-ATOM, ORAI-AIRI, ORAI-USDT): 20%
  • Delegate Native ORAI to a validator on Oraichain Mainnet: 20%

Details about how to complete tasks under Section 2 will be revealed later in the future.

There will be a total of 117,000,000 ORAIX allocated to eligible addresses based on snapshots taken for different communities of ORAIX Fairdrop Program, which is demonstrated below:

ORAIX Fairdrop Equations

As each token type differs from the others in terms of eligibility requirements, we apply specific equations (and constants) as follows:

  • For Delegated ORAI:

→ View your ORAIX amount: ORAI

  • For ATOM on Cosmos Hub, OSMO on Osmosis, and JUNO on Juno Network:

→ View your ORAIX amount: ATOM (Cosmos Hub), OSMO, JUNO

  • For ATOM on OraiDEX:

→ View your ORAIX amount: ATOM (OraiDEX)

  • For KWT & MILKY:

→ View your ORAIX amount: KWT and MILKY

  • For AIRI:

→ View your ORAIX amount: AIRI



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