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ORAIX Fairdrop Program — Section 1

Section 1 of ORAIX Fairdrop Program will immediately unlock 40% of your Total ORAIX Fairdrop amount.

Details about how to complete and unlock the remaining 60% of your Total ORAIX from Section 2 will be revealed next week. (Be aware of scams!)

Now, this is how you can claim ORAIX from Section 1.

Claiming $ORAIX on desktop

To claim $ORAIX, please use Chrome with signed-in Keplr extension and visit: https://oraidex.io/claim-oraix

Important note: Your whitelisted address needs to have ORAI balance > 0 to trigger the Claim ORAIX transaction. If this is the first time you make a transaction on Oraichain network, you can activate it by making an IBC ATOM transaction to Oraichain (via OraiDEX) or activating your address on aiRight. Scroll down to the bottom of this article for more information.

The transaction will fail if your whitelisted address’ ORAI balance = 0.

Claiming $ORAIX on mobile

- Download OWallet app on mobile: iOS, Android;

- Log into the eligible Oraichain address associated with your snapshotted address (with ORAI, ATOM, OSMO, JUNO) or your registered address (KWT, MILKY, AIRI);

- On the left-sided dropdown menu, choose Browser and visit: https://oraidex.io/claim-oraix or click on Claim ORAIX submenu on the main interface of OraiDEX.

- Choose Claim ORAIX page. With the Section 1, 40% of your Total ORAIX allocation displays under Claimable, which means you can claim them now.

- Click on the dropdown menu to choose your eligibility category to Claim. For example, click the menu and choose ATOM (Cosmos Hub) if you are whitelisted from the Cosmos Hub community.

If you are whitelisted for more than one category, you need to claim them separately.

What if your whitelisted addresses has $ORAI balance = 0?

Your whitelisted address needs to have ORAI balance > 0 to trigger the Claim ORAIX transaction.

Solution 1: Bridge ATOM to Oraichain via OraiDEX: https://oraidex.io/bridge

Solution 2: Activate your address on aiRight:

- Visit aiRightConnect WalletConnect Oraichain Wallet

- Import your wallet with Mnemonics using your Keplr mnemonic.

- Activate your Oraichain address.

→ Check the tutorial video here.

After successfully activating your Oraichain address, please go to OWallet to claim ORAIX as instructed above.

Note: You can choose Slow mode when you Claim ORAIX if the ORAI balance isn’t sufficient for completing the transaction.



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