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Orakuru, BSC’s Native Oracle, is proud to announce that we will officially launch on KickPad’s IDO launchpad. We are grateful to be the very first project to utilize their platform. KickPad has proven that it wants to establish itself as a significant IDO- and presale platform on BSC. Thus, our first step to prove to our community that we value transparency and safety is launching on the well-known “rugproof” platform.

We hope to contribute to the growth of KickPad by collaborating closely with them during this process.

The strict vetting process of KickPad includes passing a preliminary manual overview and an interview. We quickly realized “Kick Dev’s” passion for Defi was the real deal during the interview.

“There is a lot of talent and quality work that legit anon teams can provide if vetted properly and strictly.” — Kick Dev

Indeed, the Orakuru team is anonymous. Nevertheless, our vision and goal remain pure. Like KickPad, we seek to innovate the Defi space. We believe that all operations on permissionless blockchains should ultimately be a simple process. Be it purchasing and transferring assets or interactions with smart contracts and dApps. However, this can not be done without a proper oracle solution.

Orakuru Price-Feeds

Why build an oracle on BSC?

To comprehend Orakuru’s vision, we want you to recognize the obvious need for oracles in decentralized blockchains. Without oracles, smart contracts and blockchains would be unable to control off-chain data, which is information outside of the network. However, it is essential to provide accurate knowledge from the outside world with specific contractual arrangements to enforce the agreement. This is where, as they provide a link between off-chain and on-chain data, blockchain oracles come into play.

Oracles are vital within the blockchain ecosystem because they extend the reach through which smart contracts will work. Smart contracts would have minimal utility without blockchain oracles since they would have access to data only from inside their networks.

For the global adoption of blockchains, a secure platform that enables contact between smart contracts and the external world is crucial. Smart contracts will have to rely only on knowledge already within their networks without blockchain oracles, which would considerably restrict their capabilities.

This is where Orakuru arrives. To broaden the BSC capabilities, we intend to offer accurate & timely data, which will be crucial as we take advantage of BSC’s low 3-second block time.

Before establishing Orakuru, we realized that community-governed oracles were missing — specifically on the BSC. Orakuru plans to fill the void. Nonetheless, we recognize that many oracles are needed to minimize the risk of false information being relayed. As a result, our work is based on teamwork rather than competition. We are open to collaborate with other oracle projects who are like-minded.

Listing Details:

As we approach the IDO launch date, the teams of KickPad and Orakuru will provide detailed information about the listing and timeline. Updates will be delivered on both our and KickPad’s Telegram group and announcement channel. Orakuru’s token sale can only be bought exclusively on KickPad’s launchpad for the first hour. After this, $ORK tokens can be freely traded on PancakeSwap.

We have talked a lot with the KickPad team, and we agreed to join a special event for our launch. All we can say before tomorrow is; It will highly benefit KickPad stakers.

Want to learn more about Orakuru? Curious about tokenomics? Read our whitepaper and join our Telegram for the latest updates.

Learn More About Orakuru:

*A trustless feed of prices and off-chain data powering the 3.0.*

*BSC’s community-verified oracle.*

*Unstoppable, all-seeing.

Orakuru (ora-ku-ru) is an indisputable price oracle on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). A truly decentralized alternative for off-chain data. It provides real-world data to the blockchain and asks its external nodes to capture data, such as BSC price feeds and off-chain market prices. Orakuru’s data becomes available for on-chain usage in DEXs, prediction markets, insurance, lending, and more, using their feeds to power different dApps.


Learn More About KickPad

KickPad is a decentralized IDO launchpad built on the Binance Smart Chain. Their smart contracts automatically add and lock liquidity after the presale is over — reducing rugpulls and increasing investor confidence.

*Presales with automatic Liquidity Locking. An IDO Launchpad. All-in-one.*


Unstoppable, all-seeing.


The Orakuru (ora-ku-ru) is Binance Smart Chain’s community owned and operated Oracle. A trustless feed of prices and off-chain data powering the 3.0.


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The Orakuru (ora-ku-ru) is Binance smart chain’s community-verified oracle. Unstoppable, all-seeing. http://orakuru.io/ / https://orakuru.io/whitepaper.pdf


The Orakuru (ora-ku-ru) is Binance Smart Chain’s community owned and operated Oracle. A trustless feed of prices and off-chain data powering the 3.0.

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