Behind the Scenes — Bhuja’s product deconstruction campaign

Petrus Pommé
Aug 29 · 5 min read

Firstly I’d like to say that we’re lucky enough to have been working with Bhuja for the past 6 years and that means we have the freedom and trust from the client to be creative and as adventurous as we like. In previous campaigns, we focused on the flavour/experience of eating Bhuja. For this one, we wanted to explore the different ingredients their snack mixes contain.

In this breakdown, I’ll share a bit of the BTS of what we like to call Product Descontruction campaign done by Orange Digital. If you don’t know what the he*k Bhuja is, here is a brief explanation so you can follow along:

Bhuja is an Australian spiced mix of crackers, dried noodles, dried peas, peanuts, and some other yummy stuff.

The Workflow

Before we jump into the actual doing, I just want to give you an overview of the workflow we used for this project:

It is really important to take into consideration the final media that the creative will be displayed on — Video is no longer only produced in the standard size 16:9 — With the rising of smartphones and the decreasing usage of desktops, social pieces must be optimised for mobile devices which means we’re now creating cool stuff (at least I think it’s cool) in 9:16 (or 1:1).

Ok, let’s do this!

1. Concept, Planning & Prepping

We were going to work with a few different flavours, so we thought it’d make sense to use different colours. We simply went to the news agency store down the road and purchased some coloured carton papers to use as backgrounds.

2. References

Finding references is essential for any project. You don’t want to jump into production without having a vision as clear as the water of what you’re looking for.

While in production though, be open to happy accidents.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the one reference we used for this project (it got deleted by slack) — anyways it’s really important to have yours handy.

3. Shooting

We started by creating some stills that’d show all the ingredients from the different products Bhuja makes — time to experiment, discover and most importantly, have fun.

After a bit of post-production we had a few nice stills that were already usable for social media promotion; Facebook and Instagram.

We were really happy with the stills and we wanted to make some moving creatives with the same look & feel. Once again we went to look for references and we found an epic BTS (below) of some food footage.

They’re epic, right?!

We had a good foundation & vision to jump into production again.

After a bit of planning, we gathered some props and headed to the studio again. During the testing process, there were expectedly more failures than successes. The good thing though is that you only need to succeed once.

Crispy successful takes!

4. Animation

After having completed the grading and post-selection of the good takes I knew how many snippets we had and it was now clear how many and which letterings we’d have to animate. I chose to go with the classic & currently trending glitchy effect — it does what it’s meant to do; it loops greatly and is attention-grabbing.

5. Finalizing it!

The last and most satisfying step of the process is obviously putting it all together and seeing it come to life. Below, you can watch the showreel or if you’re super keen you can head to Bhuja’s Instagram (give them a follow).

Curious about what camera gear we used on this project?

It was a Sony A7s II with a 50mm 1.4 Samyang.

Bhuja Chips Case Study

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You can also check out the latest Orange case study for the Bhuja Chips campaign.

Petrus Pommé (imported from Brazil) has over 10 years of experience in motion graphics & film production, he currently leads Orange’s video output.

Orange Digital

We are a Brisbane based digital marketing agency taking on the world with cracking web design, development, apps, videos, social media, SEO/SEM… all that sort of stuff.

Petrus Pommé

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Motion Visual Artist — Telling fairytales since the 80s.

Orange Digital

We are a Brisbane based digital marketing agency taking on the world with cracking web design, development, apps, videos, social media, SEO/SEM… all that sort of stuff.

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