Anyone familiar with the Google Partner Programs knows the number of rewarding opportunities and benefits available to Partners. But have you ever stopped to question why Google is so happy to help?

Cíntia Souza
Aug 7 · 3 min read

I have worked as an SEO specialist at Orange Digital for approximately three years now. Between playing games of foosball and eating delicious breakfasts I have become pretty familiar with the agency’s partnership with Google. If you aren’t familiar with what this partnership involves check out our blog on what it means to be a Google Premier Partner.

However, it wasn’t until recently that I started to question and analyze what Google’s motives might be when it comes to their partnership programs. After all, Orange doesn’t charge any membership fees to be involved.

So why? Why does Google run a free program that seems to be incredibly beneficial to us? What does Google get out of this? What are their motives? Google is a huge company, so why do they care about a medium-sized Brisbane agency?

First off, Google has a number of different partner programs:

Access to these partner programs is completely free. Any company can apply, and if successful, receive free education, rewards, support, and growth assistance. When you break these groups up you can see that Google puts a lot of head-hours into creating these partnerships.

The educational benefits include access to live-streamed learning sessions, extensive courses, certifications, and insight into new and evolving case studies. The rewards include participation in Google challenges, access to first-hand insights and awards for agency performance. Google provides continuous support online and over the phone. Support access increases with status, so as Orange Digital is a Premier Partner, we have direct access to our own Google representative for any emergency situations. Finally, growth assistance in a Google Partnership includes Business Strategy Consulting and event support.

A snap from the #GrowWithGoogle event.

All those benefits in one free program. That’s a lot of continuous hours, passion, and time, which one huge corporation is putting into Orange Digital — not to mention the many other agencies in Australia and across the world taking part as well.

The core purpose of this program is to improve ad results and ROI when using Google Ads. The more assistance Google provides Orange Digital when in difficult or challenging situations, the better the results are for clients. In our experience, clients are therefore more likely to increase their ad spend and reuse the Google service when they get positive results.

Additionally, this program has fostered a valuable relationship between agencies and Google. These crucial relationships don’t end there. Through the program, agencies can help their clients get even better results with Google services. Consequently, these positive interactions with Google keep users committed to a brand and happy with its services. Brand loyalty is better described as:

Positive user-brand relationships aren’t just beneficial for word-of-mouth marketing. Evidence shows that by improving customer retention rates by 5% it can increase company profits by 35%-85%. The success of the Google Partner program is likely to see more agencies join, with the hope to enhance ad results for clients, thus increasing Google’s profits.

Let us know if you want to chat about how we can use our knowledge of Google, and other connections to help you achieve the best ad results. We love talking all things Google with our clients over a delicious breakfast and barista-made coffee.

Orange Digital

We are a Brisbane based digital marketing agency taking on the world with cracking web design, development, apps, videos, social media, SEO/SEM… all that sort of stuff.

Cíntia Souza

Written by

Orange Digital

We are a Brisbane based digital marketing agency taking on the world with cracking web design, development, apps, videos, social media, SEO/SEM… all that sort of stuff.

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