Zombie Mashups

I wonder what Merchant & Ivory think of the upcoming movie “Pride + Prejudice + Zombies”? It’s a period piece, yet it’s also a zombie movie, plus the women are the ones who save the world with their ass-kicking sword and ninja skills.

I honestly cannot think of another film that mashed up a literary classic with zombies, though there seem to be several mashups with vampires including a re-telling of American history where Abraham Lincoln was a vampire slayer.

So what other interesting zombie mashups have there been lately? The one that I personally like is “Warm Bodies”, which is a romantic comedy with zombies, sort of a Romeo & Juliet, except between humans and zombies. You might think this is a bad mix, especially if you’ve seen “My Boyfriend’s Back”, but it actually works!

Just add zombies and it’ll make any film you are working on better! How about zombie kids that attack teachers? Well, maybe not…