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IoT & Chatbot Development Trends, Their Impact on Your Business

The use of IoT and chatbots has surged across industries. The virus outbreak has sped up the development and deployment of these technologies among businesses. Early-stage start-ups to big corporations are trying to best use technology to mitigate the disruptions they are facing. Physical markets have undergone drastic changes in terms their operations. And it has given business owners new perspective into how technology benefits businesses. Be it IoT development services or chatbot deployment, a growing number of businesses are looking for suitable options.

The rise of Industrial IoT

The advancement of Industry 4.0 depends largely on emerging technologies like AI, ML, and IoT. Most leading companies are trying to capitalize on a mix of technology and industry expertise to stay ahead of competitors. For instance, IoT plays an important role in enhancing manufacturing processes. IoT-enabled manufacturing is more efficient and less risky. Many manufacturing plants have seen a substantial increase in productivity after they deployed IoT.

Likewise, IoT also gives manufacturing companies better insights into their equipment and processes. Capabilities like predictive maintenance enable manufacturing plant managers to avoid downtime and boost productivity. Smart manufacturing is gaining traction across industries.

Enterprise chatbots & chatbot-enabled apps

Chatbots are helping businesses to improve different aspects of operations and management. Trends-driven businesses are either seeking help either from a chatbot development company or technology consultants to figure our best possible applications. From internal communications in organizations to customer relations management, chatbots are becoming tools for everything.

Medium enterprises and large companies alike are integrating chatbots into their mobile apps. There are numerous advantages of integrating bots into your app. Chatbots can automate repetitive tasks and save your human resource, effort, and costs. Many brands have seamlessly maintained their communication with customers using chatbots during lockdowns.

Chatbots for public health awareness

AI bots have become a very popular and effective tool for fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Leading international organizations and government agencies are using chatbots to spread awareness about the virus. For instance, the World Health Organization launched a chatbot in collaboration with Facebook. The W.H.O. is using this chatbot to dispatch verified information about the novel coronavirus. Businesses are also using such tools to help customers stay updated about coronavirus. Scientists constantly learning new findings of the virus. Chatbots have helped organizations to quickly spread the updated pieces of information.

5G-ready IoT devices & solutions development

The next wave of high-speed wireless communication technology is about to arrive. Countries from the U.S. to China to India are preparing to embrace 5G by the end of this year or early next year. That means most of the internet-powered devices must be compatible with the next generation of wireless communication technology. Businesses having a futuristic plan are already acting promptly on it. And the advent of 5G is likely to significantly impact mobile app development trends. Any mobile app that relies on high-speed connectivity and advanced computing capabilities will benefit greatly from 5G.

The popularity of cloud-based IoT solutions

With Google planning to expand its cloud computing business, the landscape for cloud solutions has become more competitive than ever. It’s also having ripple effects in the IoT solutions market. More and more IoT solutions are now built on the cloud. Microsoft, a leader in cloud computing, is investing heavily in IoT. Cloud-based development not just improves the accessibility of IoT solutions, but also reduces costs. That’s why businesses are increasingly preferring cloud-based IoT solutions development for their services. This trend of growing adoption of cloud IoT is likely to become stronger in the coming times.

Legal and ethical aspects of AI & IoT

As the usage of artificial intelligence and IoT grow across industries, their legal and ethical aspects are getting more importance. Organizations and individuals observing the ethics of emerging technologies have repeatedly raised concerns over the unregulated use of AI and IoT. With data security concerns becoming mainstream across the world, tech companies are facing some roadblocks. For instance, the GDPR introduced by the European Union requires companies to be more careful about how they use customer data. Such laws are also applications on using AI and IoT. To comply with such rules, IoT developers must be careful about the guidelines and protocols.


The landscape for emerging technologies like IoT and chatbots is incredibly dynamic. However, these trends seem to remain widespread across industries until IoT and chatbots become mainstream. Businesses have benefitted immensely from these technologies. Executives who have seen the benefits early and adopted these tech trends are already enjoying a competitive advantage. A strategic deployment of IoT and chatbot can turn your business around.

At OrangeMantra, we have long been enthusiastic about emerging technologies and how they transform businesses. Being a leading mobile application development company and a digital transformation services provider, we rely heavily on the trends that define the direction of the industrial world. Follow our blogs to stay updated about every major development in the world of emerging tech.


Q. What is chatbot development?
Chatbot development means building a conversational software interface that helps you interact with users or do tasks without the need for a human. Technically, chatbots and virtual assistants are intelligent AI system that learns as conversations progress.

Q. What does IoT development mean?
IoT development means the use of the internet of things in developing software solutions. The components that make up most IoT devices include tags, sensors, embedded computers, and actuators. The development of embedded devices is becoming increasingly popular across industries.

Q. How much does it cost to develop a chatbot?
The costs of building a chatbot vary widely, depending on your requirements. Your industry and goals also matter. If you need a simple bot with basic features, costs are comparatively lower. OrangeMantra offers chatbot development services at a competitive price.

Q. What is a cloud-based solution?
Cloud-based solutions re on-demand services, computer networks, storage, applications, or resources accessed through the internet or the provider’s shared cloud infrastructure. Customers pay only for cloud services they use, helping them lower operating costs, and improve business efficiency. OrangeMantra offers a comprehensive range of cloud solutions.

Originally published at on July 17, 2020.



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