Node.js is The Choice of Today’s Developers


The Node js Development Services are preferred today for developing web applications. It is an exceptional choice for real-time applications owing to its speed, proficiency at multi-user level, and mention not to say, this cross-platform runtime environment is written in JavaScript. And, it could be run on the servers which include Microsoft Windows, Unix, and Mac OS X.

The main reason to adopt Node.js is the want of reduced time-to-market to envelope customers at a larger extent than the competitors. The companies tend to react and accommodate themselves with the trending commercial landscapes with agility and reduced investment costs. Node.js serves as the best answer for them and also the developers as it is easily reachable for it uses JavaScript.

Let us know some of the significant reasons to contract a Node.js Development Company in order to develop real-time applications.

Fast Development: It is capable of increasing the speed of any framework. As it uses the Google’s V8 engine and written in JavaScript, it creates an exceptional running speed. Once the program is written, it adheres to the prescribed steps promptly.

Sharing: The repository comprises of about 50,000 packages. With the Node Pack Manager (NPM), the developers are able to update, share, or reuse the codes with all ease. It is thus a robust and consistent solution.

Real-time Applications: The chats, gaming apps, and the programs which require the event-based server could be easily developed. The PayPal, LinkedIn, Tourist or hotel websites with an enormous number of images are developed with Node.js.

Data Streaming: It reduces the processing time which is an extraordinary advantage for creating the features. This feature is beneficial to work with the real-time audio or the video encoding by the developers.

Proxy server: It could be used to stream the data from other services too. It acts as a proxy server to communicate with the third-party resources, store images, collect data, and so forth in absence of professional proxy infrastructure.

Moving further, “The agility of Node.js software development cycle may replace the Java and .NET’, Dan Shaw, the co-founder of NodeSource says so. It is estimated that any Java Application Development Company may take about six to twenty-four months to develop a Java app, whereas the Node.js applications could be developed within two to six months.

In a nutshell, Node.js could be used to create websites, APIs, web services, bots, chats, gaming apps, and desktop applications, and is gaining traction these days.