Update and Secure your Drupal Website to Scale up the Online Business

In this competitive era of website development, Drupal Website Development Company excels better as Drupal stands as the absolute method to flourish in an online business. The websites built on Drupal are flexible, scalable, compatible, and responsive which drives in the consumers and the revenue. Several interactive websites for NGO’s, universities, public agencies, enterpreneurs’ are developed on Drupal.

It has created a place for itself in the globe through innovative, usable, and advanced websites with extensive set of features. It’s compatibility across the platforms makes it the ideal choice which has prompted the consistent increase in the number of Drupal Web Development Companies across the globe.

Drupal Security

The Drupal CMS comes with several modules helping in extending the functionalities of the websites. These modules are updated as and when new versions of the CMS are released. Recently, the security team of Drupal website developers worked with the three popular modules and fixed the vulnerabilities which would allow the attackers to penetrate the websites. The attackers executed the rogue PHP code web servers of the Drupal sites through the Coder, RESTWS, or Webform modules.

The RESTWS module is used for creating the Rest Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the malicious attackers are capable of exploiting the remote code execution vulnerability at the callback functionality page through specially crafted requests. Upgrade of the module is highly recommended in this case to save the website.

The another module is Coder which facilitates the admins to verify the coding standards and best practices. This module also possess the remote code execution vulnerability. And the more dangerous part of it is the mere presence of this module (without enabled condition), on the file system is sufficient enough to exploit the site.

The Webform Multiple File Upload module which receive multiple files from the users too has the remote code execution vulnerability and it’s exploitation is dependent on the libraries of the website.

These contributed modules are used on thousands of websites and the Drupal security team warns to reserve time and update the modules as the website may get exploited just in hours or days.

To sustain in the competitive era of the online business, the businesses must attract a large number of visitors and having a flawfree website. The Drupal web developers in India and elsewhere in the world has a strong opinion that security plays a key role in gaining and maintaining the customers. It’s a tight rope walk for the website owners to maintain the position in the virtual world, and keeping the site safe and secure is one of the easy method in achieving this goal.