The struggle continues…The revolution begins.

Our Revolution Arlington (ORA) is an informal local chapter of the national group Our Revolution, which is working to unify the millions of people who got involved over the course of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in support of progressive causes. We seek to galvanize and organize Arlington residents of all walks of life to fight for a bold progressive agenda that will transform our community into a more democratic, just, and sustainable place. We oppose racism, sexism, and discrimination of any form and are pro-worker, pro-environment, pro-LGBTQ, pro-immigrant, pro-women, pro-indigenous, pro-minority, and pro-choice.

At the national level, ORA seeks to support and help implement the national Our Revolution organization’s platform.

At the state and local level, ORA seeks to implement the Community Wealth Building Program along the lines of the Cleveland Model. We support divestment from fossil fuels and establishment of a community bank.

Our Revolution, Arlington is an independent group with no formal ties to any political party. We are willing to work with any party, candidate, elected official, activist group, etc. that share our values and supports our positions on core issues. We are also open to running our own independent candidates for political office here in Arlington and Northern Virginia more broadly. Please join us and help shape and implement our agenda.

You can find us on:

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