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Turkey’s minority women find their voice

One way non-Muslim minorities in Turkey keep their histories and traditions alive is through newspapers and magazine PAROS is making sure women are not left out.

Staff meeting at the Paros magazine’s office (Credit: Paros magazine)

Orbay Soydan

Although their numbers have dwindled in recent years, Turkey’s Armenian, Jewish, Assyrian and Greek Orthodox communities date back to the Byzantine era. One way these non-Muslim minorities keep their histories and traditions alive is through newspapers — but women are a startling absence from the staff and contributors of many leading outlets.

For instance, Agos, a newspaper founded by the Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, who was murdered in 2007, employs no women in its newsroom. The same is true for two other Armenian newspapers, Nor Marmara and Jamanak, as well as the Greek Orthodox newspaper Apoyevmatini.

At least one publication is trying to redress the balance, however. In 2010, three Armenian and Greek Orthodox friends founded Paros, a multicultural lifestyle magazine. Mayda Saris, one of the magazine’s co-founders and editor-in-chief, told Inside Turkey that the social and cultural lives of non-Muslims were poorly represented by Turkish media.

Read full article: insideturkey.news/2021/01/08/turkeys-minority-women-find-their-voice/




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