How Orbee Automates Incentive and Vehicle Retargeting

Jose Ortega
Jan 11 · 2 min read

At Orbee, we use auto dealership vehicle inventory for a variety of our products. In this post, we will be covering how Orbee uses vehicle and incentives information to automate advertising to shoppers.

First, we ask a dealership’s vendor to export all the inventory available using our SFTP server to safely transfer files. Once imported, all our microservices can get to work on enriching the vehicle’s information, with the end goal to create retargeting content such as the one below.

Sample Advertisement Banner

For incentives particularly, our service fetches all available OEM deals. This includes incentives for both purchasing and leasing vehicles. Each of those includes cash rebates, manufacturer standard rates, and manufacture affiliate rates. All incentives have disclaimers as well as start and end dates that we manage to make sure no invalid incentives are being advertised at any given time. Incentives are then matched to vehicles using the OEM’s model code. The model code describes the general features of the vehicle such as body style, trim, and engine.

Utilizing Incentives To Advertise

Once we know what vehicles have the best incentives, it’s time to market to our shoppers. We do this through a few different ways such as emailing subscribed users directly, creating custom landing to search through other relevant deals, and by showing display ads. We drop all popular retargeting pixels including Google, Facebook, and Amazon to segment which shoppers are interested in which vehicles. We also use our own ad server to retarget the shopper with their most relevant vehicle views and the associated incentives.

Shopper Data Processing Flow

By using our Web SDK, we can reliably control which pixels we drop, each triggered by their own rules. Through utilizing a set of rules across all retargeting implementations, we can effectively retarget shoppers across the internet for a dealership, all with the click of a button.

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Jose Ortega

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Orbee Engineering

Stories about the technical aspects of our latest products and projects from Orbee Engineers

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