Much more than a camera…

In the Pursuit of Naturally Effortless 360º Immersion

We’re a tech startup that’s changing the way 360º content is created and shared.

Hi We’re Orbi.

On paper, we’re a technology company that specializes in developing innovative hardware and software that unlocks extraordinary new ways to capture and share life’s most cherished moments.

In real life, we’re just a passionate group of engineers, designers, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts that love discovery and exploration.

Before we dive in, let us explain the context. The world of video recording is dramatically changing — technology is catching up and offering unprecedented immersion through the power of 360º video and imagery. These videos allow users to record real-world panoramas in every direction, simultaneously. Imagine a basketball game or a film where viewers can pan and zoom around complete 360º videos in real time. Imagine the stories that could be shared with friends, family, the world.

When we discovered this incredible new medium, our imaginations started first with our parents. Throughout the last several years, our team has traveled extensively. Each time our parents and friends would ask to record videos of the various places we’ve visited and things we’ve done. From mountain biking through Marin county, San Francisco, backpacking through Southeast Asia, to exploring small towns in the between, we wanted to share life’s best moments as realistically as possible. However, smartphones and camcorders provided a perspective that simply lacked a deeper connection. These static two-dimensional videos didn’t do justice to the richness of our surroundings.

360º videos tell a far more compelling story. Suddenly our parents can experience San Francisco, New York City, or a weekend trip into the mountains, with amazing intimacy — as if they were there with us.

The development of this project was fueled by the simple premise:

“What if capturing these incredibly immersive videos was as simple as putting on a pair of glasses?”
Meet Orbi Prime — the first 360º video recording eyewear.

Orbi Prime is the world’s first 360º video recording eyewear. A naturally effortless solution to making the most of your moments. To bring this ambitious product to life, we’ve partnered with best-in-class vendors to meet the unique engineering and design challenges.

Your Perspective. Matters.

Designed to not only be incredibly powerful, but also aesthetic and comfortable, Orbi Prime lets anyone to be a content creator of incredible 360º videos and images. With our video-stitching and mobile sharing software, you can share your experiences across your favorite social networks to friends and family with its built-in WiFi. Orbi Prime’s 90 minutes of recording time and a water-resistant design makes it an ideal choice for action sports enthusiasts as well as travelers and those simply looking for a way to visually sharing a better story.

We’re passionate about sharing life’s most cherished moments and helping you do precisely the same. Welcome to Orbi, and the age of immersion.

– Team Orbi