ORBISE Black Friday Deal

At ORBISE, we love discovering Black Friday offerings with great value and hope that you do too. This is why this year we decided to introduce one of our own.

As you might already know, purchasing an ORBT token makes our bot obtain a portfolio of the top ten cryptocurrencies on the market at the best price available on the exchanges. The basket, recommended by the industry experts based on potential appreciation, provides a higher level of diversification and security, necessary in the current state of the crypto economy. Normally the bot also applies a 3% margin to the token price. This sum is used to continue providing a smooth and trouble-free user experience, improve our offerings and support the operations of ORBISE.

However, if you take advantage of our Black Friday offering, only a 1.75% margin will be applied. As a result, 98.25% of what you pay will go for buying the portfolio instead of the regular 97%. Combined with the decreased price of cryptocurrencies at the moment, the lower margin allows getting the most value out of your money. This is a great investment opportunity so if you have been thinking about purchasing an ORBT token, now is the perfect time.

In case you missed out on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, we got you covered. Our offer extends beyond the traditional sales period and you still have a chance to benefit from the great deal so make sure to take the advantage of it.

You can purchase ORBT tokens directly through our website as well as two leading crypto exchanges, CoinDeal and DOBI Trade.