ORBT Listed on DOBI Trade

ORBISE is constantly working on making the opportunity to invest in ORBT tokens easily available to a larger audience. We are pleased to announce that as of November 26 ORBT token is listed on a leading cryptocurrency trading platform, DOBI Trade Digital Asset Exchange, featuring the ORBT/BTC market.

DOBI Trade is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world with between $200 million and $300 million worth of currency traded on a daily basis. It offers real-time price movements and market data that allow for quick transactions and well-informed decisions. Numerous partnerships with some of the best blockchain companies and a global user base provide high liquidity. Its state of the art encryption and anti-fraud services ensure top-notch security and data protection. Moreover, DOBI is the leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency ATMs, currently available in Asia, and even has its own Blockchain R&D Center.

Most importantly, people at DOBI value the user experience and aim at delivering accessibility and convenience. Similarly to the ORBISE team, they wish to establish an inclusive ecosystem rather than to work on disconnected products. Although at the moment the technology might appear complicated to a lot of people, both companies are working towards making cryptocurrency and blockchain related services a part of everyday life and popularize them among individuals and businesses alike.

The ORBISE team is pleased to be partnering with DOBI Trade Digital Asset Exchange. We are excited to provide our potential clients with another way to trade the ORBT tokens and to gain more exposure on the new platform.