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David Reich
Oct 18, 2016 · 3 min read

The birth of an idea

That’s it! If only someone could deliver groceries and fresh produce to costumers’ doorsteps carefully and professionally! This thought occurred to me in my early twenties more than 5 years ago. David, a freshman in university at the time, shared my aspiration and became my partner. We met daily and worked tirelessly from a small basement apartment. At the time, Orbisfood was called “Farm on Wheels”.

The first year

We celebrated our first anniversary by launching our new e-shop. In it, we take you behind the scenes of our new system. In the spirit of our philosophy, we would like to familiarize you with the system’s development and processes after just one year of business.

No secrets

What a year of growth and new experiences! We have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the products we deliver and the expectations of our clients, which lead to improvements not only to our top quality produce but also to our communication methods. To do this we visited numerous farmers markets and met and worked with some amazing growers and producers. While some things might not always be what they seem, the farmers market is still the best place to meet people, make new friends, and experience a unique way of grocery shopping.

Unexpected relationships

We worked diligently to bring top quality products on the market for our clients. We were able to accomplish this by researching new food and culinary trends around the world and by finding new and better suppliers. We delivered hundreds of orders and formed exceptional relationships with our clients online and in person. As a result, our business has reached a whole new level of satisfaction and purpose.

Our dream

For over a year we have lived to deliver people fresh, organic and delicious products! Watching your dreams become reality is indescribable! It gives us great pleasure to see others admire our work. Our work makes our clients happy and in return their satisfaction makes us happy. This is our motivation and with the help and support of our families we persevere in spite of the challenges faced by every new business. We thank our families and our customers for their continued support of our goal to make Orbisfood a successful enterprise. We couldn’t do it without them!

We thank all of you who shop with us and look forward to fulfilling your next order!



Premium quality food with transportation to your home

David Reich

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Premium quality food with transportation to your home