Introducing Our Token & Its Utility

The OrbisToken and its role within the Orbis Platform

At the heart of the Orbis ecosystem is the OrbisToken, or OBT.

OBT incentivizes both developers and consumers to participate in the Orbis ecosystem.

Consumers are rewarded with OBT simply by participating in our network: OrbisWeb.

Consumers need only download the OrbisWeb app on their iPhone or Android device, and click Connect; to become a node on OrbisWeb.

Each connected device (node), relays messages to one another until the messages reach their destination, creating a mesh network.

By being connected on the OrbisWeb app, a consumer is credited in OBT for being a node on OrbisWeb.

Consumers are rewarded OBT for acting as nodes on OrbisWeb, and those OBT can be used to purchase paid apps and products in the OrbiStore.

Developers are able to utilize OrbisWeb and create paid apps and products built on top of the OrbisWeb infrastructure.

Those paid apps and products can be bought with OBT in the OrbiStore.

OrbisWeb enables developers to utilize a massive mesh networking infrastructure; with applications in IoT ($157 billion), offline cryptocurrency transactions ($2 billion), Defense ($709 billion), telecommunications & wireless ($1.5 trillion), and advertising ($558 billion).

Developers are paid OBT for consumer app usage on apps downloaded from the OrbiStore and the app usage and downloads are implemented with NEO Smart Contracts.

The OBT gives consumers and developers a reason to participate in the Orbis ecosystem; providing both with incentives to earn OBT while contributing to a massive mesh working infrastructure powered by the NEO blockchain.