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Welcoming a New Validator: DeSpread

The Orbit Chain team is happy to welcome DeSpread as a validator partner for Orbit Bridge!

Orbit Chain has shown rapid growth after launching Orbit Bridge, especially with the rise of AMM DEXes, KLAYswap, and Meshswap. A Klaytn-based AMM liquidity protocol that uses Orbit Bridge to get o-Bridge assets (e.g. oETH, oORC, oWBTC, oDAI). Bridged assets are dependent on heterogeneous chains that are brought to the Polygon and Klaytn network. Meshswap and KLAYswap have reached $643M and $2.1B in TVL all-time high separately, most of which were bridged on Orbit Bridge.

The addition of DeSpread as a validator node operator will formulate a stronger, more secure staking and validation system for Orbit Bridge. We are excited to continuously work to improve Orbit Bridge with them now by our side.

DeSpread is a blockchain accelerator in Korea that is supporting various global projects such as Solana, Stacks, The Sandbox, dYdX, and SushiSwap to enter the Korean market. DeSpread helps global projects establish Go-To-Market strategies and business development through content creation, market research, press release, community building, and market analysis. Also, DeSpread lowered Web 2.0 builders’ barrier to entering the Web 3.0 market by providing major trends and focuses in different sectors such as DeFi, NFT, and other Web 3.0 relevant areas.

Orbit Chain and DeSpread are strategically planning to further evolve and expand together in business and technical areas with a global emphasis. DeSpread will share its experience in the multi-chain era as a key partner in bringing Orbit Chain to the blockchain world’s forefront globally by securing decentralization and increased reliability of transactions. Along with stabilizing our partnership, the Orbit Chain ecosystem will grow to provide various services to a huge number of users around the world.

[About Ozys]
Ozys is the team behind Orbit Chain. Founded in early 2018, Ozys is a South Korea-based blockchain technology company specializing in DeFi and cross-chain interoperability to make blockchain accessible to all.
Orbit Bridge is a cross-chain-powered asset transfer platform that allows users to communicate with diverse decentralized blockchain mainnets. We have proved to be the standout cross-chain bridge in DeFi. Orbit Bridge currently bridges heterogeneous chain assets across Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Klaytn, ICON, Ripple, and more.
Ozys has had successful momentum in the Multichain ecosystem with AMM-based DEX protocols, Klayswap on Klaytn, and Meshswap on Polygon. We have integrated Orbit Bridge so that we support over 70 cross-chain assets. We are confident that interoperability will enable us to differentiate between commercial DeFi protocols as we enter the multichain era. Orbit Bridge is a fast and safe bridge that has bridged over $12B in crypto-assets in over 600,000 transactions across 16 connected chains (Ethereum, BNB, HECO, Polygon, Klaytn, ICON, Celo, Ripple, and others).

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