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Welcoming a New Validator: Huobi Pool

The Ozys team is very happy to welcome Huobi Pool as a validator partner for Orbit Bridge!

Orbit Chain has seen explosive growth after launching Orbit Bridge, a fast, functioning bridge that’s bridged over $15B in assets in over 350,000 transactions across our 8 supported chains (ETH, BSC, HECO, Polygon, Klaytn, ICON, CELO, and XRP). Central to our success and security is the decentralization our world class validators provide.

The addition of Huobi Pool, a renowned validator node operator, will formulate a stronger, more secure staking and validation system for Orbit Bridge and we are excited to continuously work to improve Orbit Bridge with them now at our side.

As a significant part of Huobi Group’s ecosystem, Huobi Pool mainly handles PoW mining and Staking mining. With many public chain nodes and as the largest staking pool and leading PoW pool, Huobi Pool is devoted to providing one-stop financial services to all the digital users.

Huobi Pool will be a key partner in bringing Orbit Chain to the blockchain world’s forefront globally with secure geographical decentralization and increased reliability of transactions. With its increased stability, the Orbit Chain ecosystem will grow to provide its services to a greater number of users around the world.

[About Ozys]

Ozys, the leading blockchain technology company in South Korea, works closely with public chain foundations to create widely-used, cutting edge blockchain-based services. Some key projects include: KLAYswap (Klaytn AMM Dex), Orbit Bridge (open IBC platform), Belt Finance (cross-chain stableswap and yield optimizer), and Klaystation (Klaytn staking tool). Ozys’ own blockchain, Orbit Chain, is a PoS consensus chain that integrates various blockchains and services to seamlessly connect the fragmented token economy. Orbit Chain currently supports 8+ public chains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Klaytn, and Terra. Ozys is committed to researching the interoperability of heterogeneous chains and further developing the DeFi ecosystem with better products and services. In doing so, ozys will create a more widespread audience and a stable blockchain ecosystem by allowing more DApp growth on various mainnets.

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